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If you are in need of a picture you saw on my pages for a publication, please contact me, i'm always happy to help (and need only a very little compensdation ;-)), feel free to ask me for details : regis.boissier@free.fr (pictures available in high resolution)


Si vous aviez besoin d'une des photographies vues sur mon site pour un usage d'édition, demandez moi, je suis toujours heureux de pouvoir aider et ce contre une faible rétribution ;-) (n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus de détails !) (photographies disponibles en haute définition) regis.boissier@free.fr


Here are my  contributions to ...


in photo antiquaria D nr76 20050001 LR.jpg (132925 octets)

Here is my red Italian SIDA pictured in PHOTO ANTIQUARIA, the high quality magazine of the German Club Daguerre.

This was in issue n°76 dated NOV/2005 (at that time alas, my digital camera was not a very high resolution one !)



couverture LR.jpg (58461 octets)

This was the result of an incredible experience : the book about MIOM PHOTAX cameras was co-writed with 3 other collectors (Lucien Gratté, Jacques Charrat & Sylvain Halgand) with the particularity that we never met each other ! This book was concepted 100% by exchanging emails all together...

This book is the first 'special issue' of the Bulletin of the Club Niepce Lumiere, edited in April 2006 at some 400 samples. http://www.club-niepce-lumiere.org


Photax in chasseur d'images 283 05 20060001 LR.jpg (103904 octets) Photax in chasseur d'images 283 05 20060001 extrait.jpg (184353 octets)

Patrice-Hervé Pont kindly advertised for our book in an article edited in the French photography magazine "Chasseur d'images"  n°283 in Mai 2006.

PHOTAX japon.jpg (186779 octets)

Also we had a short article in a Japanese magazine !



photoshop C baron0001 LR.jpg (234224 octets) photoshop forensics C Baron0001 LR.jpg (110568 octets)

photoshop C baron0001 detail.jpg (191675 octets)

Here is my early (1900) Brownie camera that does appear page 105 of an interesting American book (see cover above ISBN-13: 978-1-59863-405-1 by Thomson Course Technology www.courseptr.com ) by Cynthia Baron, a very kind person who contacted me via my web pages. She is author & co-author of more than a dozen books about photography and associate Director of the graduate program in Digital Media studies at Northeastern University in Boston.



photographica cabinet 430001 LR.jpg (60036 octets) photographica cabinet 430002 LR.jpg (67702 octets)

photographica cabinet 430002 detail LR.jpg (38912 octets) photographica cabinet 430003 LR.jpg (16712 octets) photographica cabinet 430004 detail LR.jpg (21933 octets)

My German friend Harald Schwarzer has an interest in Kaftanski too. The second part of his article about Kaftanski does appear in PHOTOGRAPHICA CABINET a German collector's magazine. I tried to do my best to help him concerning the French part of Kaftanski story. Article include the FEX plant building as it is in 2008 (picture 3) and a scan of a KAFTA advertising (picture 4) that are my picturial contributions.




The second 'special issue' of the Bulletin of the Club Niepce Lumiere is available (march 2008).

This has been co-writted with Hélène & Jacques Charrat & Gérard Bandelier.

It will describe in 200 pages + a CD-ROM including lots of bonus, the history and production of a prolific manufacturer of Lyon, i mean FEX-INDO, my favorite since i began collecting in 1990...

You can already order it at the Club Niepce Lumiere : http://www.club-niepce-lumiere.org

couverture FEX INDO.jpg (127847 octets)


bulletin club niepce 145 0620080004 LR.jpg (186593 octets)

Here we are (the 4 authors from left to right Jacques  CHARRAT, Régis BOISSIER, Hélène CHARRAT and Gérard BANDELLIER who is also the NIEPCE LUMIERE CLUB's actual president) in a local newspaper article (LE PROGRES DE LYON), the day after we had a big  exhibition of more than 200 FEX cameras and a presentation of the book.

These same day, a projection of a film about Lumiere's workers village and a speech about Lumiere by J-L Princelle was organized by the Club NIEPCE LUMIERE.




bulletin club niepce 145 0620080001 LR.jpg (25105 octets)  bulletin club niepce 145 0620080002 LR.jpg (21731 octets)  bulletin club niepce 145 0620080003 LR.jpg (26275 octets)

This is my short article about FRATI and NICRO-VIC, two Argentine cameras that can be considerred as ULTRA-FEX clones.

Article published in the NIEPCE LUMIERE collector's club review n°145 dated june 2008.



Dietrich Diana book cover.JPG (288079 octets)  July 2008 : New DIANA book by   Allan Dietrich

Dietrich Diana book postillon RB.JPG (128825 octets) Dietrich Diana book rossignol RB.JPG (139733 octets)

In which there are my 2 pictures of the Banner Postillon and Diana Rossignol. This is a great book inckuding more than 100 Diana clones and variants, great work ! order it now ! : http://www.blurb.com/books/307668.



reed book0001.jpg (58474 octets)   Reed book lux page.JPG (133842 octets)

March 2009 : Great book from Reed Darmon a nice American guy who gives in 254 pages an idea of French culture of the XX century. I'm glad to have contributed to illustrate modestly by providing 7 pictures.

Reed book credit page.JPG (141184 octets) reed book0002.jpg (40594 octets)

Reed book photax top page.JPG (215520 octets)

Reed book stereoviewers page.JPG (204122 octets)



If you are the author of a book or article who need some picture(s), contact me  :   candidcamera@free.fr

                                                                                                                                       or regis.boissier@free.fr






 For all kind of questions, please send email to   candidcamera@free.fr
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